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Melbourne Owners Corporation Managers who love what they do!

180 Day Trial

At the conclusion of the 180 day trial period, if you are not 100% satisfied with the service we’ve given you, Finch Property Management will allow you to leave, no questions asked.
This is our GUARANTEE to you!

We get to know our clients

If you are looking for an owners corporation manager in Melbourne, who is contactable, returns calls and responds to emails promptly I invite you to consider making the move to Finch Property Management.
We love what we do!

Finch Property Management specialises in the management of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments


Some reasons why we are at the leading edge of Owners Corporation Management in Melbourne – we:
  • Focus on customer service and providing rapid responses to any concern.
  • Extensive onsite evaluation and inspection.

  • Professionally trained and experienced management.

  • Access to professional insurance brokerage and other legal services.

  • An understanding that transparency is a significant factor for many owners corporations.

  • Finch Property Management will provide detailed financial statements to the committee throughout the course of the year so that members have a comprehensive understanding of where funds are being expended.

  • Detailed communication with members on an as needs basis to ensure queries are adequately answered.

  • Good, workable relationships with reliable suppliers and tradespersons have been established which is important to ensure that maintenance requests are actioned in a timely manner.

These factors differentiate Finch Property Management from the competition
and ensure our clients receive the best value.

Finch Property Management

We really like to get know people we deal with. We take time to listen or send detailed responses to a question. We are happy to take a bit of extra time to develop a good working relationship. We like that we make people feel comfortable enough that we can even have a chat and laugh about something other than the business.

No long Contracts, 180 Day Trial Guarantee

Finch Property Management has managed a range of buildings and many of these have had varying degrees of maintenance or defect issues requiring action. Most buildings under my management have made the change to Finch Property Management due to long outstanding maintenance not being undertaken by their current manager.

Many are jaded by the time they make contact, however by working closely with committees Finch Property Management develops good working relationships with owners corporations. Being easily contactable quickly puts new management at ease.

If you are looking for an owners corporation manager who is contactable, returns calls and responds to emails promptly I invite you to consider making the move to Finch Property Management.

Finch Property Management believes in doing a good job and when doing a good job owners corporations choose to remain with us. Finch Property does not lock owners corporations into long contracts, instead, we prefer to manage owners corporations who choose Finch and who want to continue to be managed by Finch Property Management.



  • Professionally trained & experienced management
  • Detailed member communication
  • Extensive onsite evaluation & inspection
  • Friendly and Personal staff


  • Focus on customer service
  • Rapid responses to any concern
  • Understanding and transparency
  • Provide detailed financial statements to committees throughout the year



  • Great relationships with reliable suppliers and tradespersons
  • Access to insurance brokerage
  • We work closely with committees
  • Access to professional legal services


What Clients say about our OC Management

Our Committee wanted to change the OC Manager given our significant frustration and concerns – after much searching, we found Sharyn of Finch Property Management – well what a breath of fresh air! Sharyn’s broad and down to earth practical experience from property management to OC management has given us assuring confidence that all the problems and concerns can once and for all be managed efficiently and effectively!



Finally, an OC Manager that truly understands her clients, their needs and always acts in their best interest. Sharyn has a very hands-on, direct and structured approach to running a Body Corporate. I could not put it better.

I would recommend her to any lot owner in a strata body.


Mill Park

Finch Property Management has handled our properties really well. From the very first interaction with them, they have been professional. We have been extremely happy with their services. Compared to our last Owners Corporation manager, Finch in AMAZING. We are so thankful that a friend suggested we talk to them.

David Jennings

South Melbourne