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What is an owners corporation?

An owners corporation is the legal entity that combines all the lot owners in a strata scheme. Owners corporations are automatically created when a plan of subdivision contains common property.


Do you make it easy for the change of owners corporation managers?

Changing managers does not have to be daunting.  Many owners corporations stay with an underperforming manager because it seems too hard to change, and they simply don’t know how to go about making the change, or don’t know who to seek assistance from. we can provide assistance and hold a committees hand through the entire process.


Do you have an After Hours Emergency Services?

Yes, we use RCM After Hours Emergency Service.

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How do you help them transition over to you. Do you help and guide them?

If an owners corporation is looking for a change I can assist them in ensuring they terminate their current manager in accordance with the Contract of Appointment. I will continue to provide advice for as long as necessary. During this time committees and owners get a fairly good understanding of how Finch Property Management operates.


How do you work with oc committees who have had previous negative experiences?

We often hear from owners corporation committees who are halfway through a long contract up to 10 years and want to get out. Many of them point out that they never had the opportunity to choose their manager and the manager is not working for them.

We work closely with committees to help to resolve outstanding issues. A lot of building issues are not always solved overnight and in many cases further deterioration has occurred as maintenance has not been attended for a period of time.

Here are a couple of examples:

Prior to taking over management of a building in Malvern, it appeared no maintenance to the external façade had been carried out for many, many years. The external porticos had all been previously water damaged and not repaired, which detracted from the buildings street appeal. A roofing specialist was engaged to rectify the cause of the ongoing water damage due to deficiencies of the box gutters. 
Once it was determined these works had resulted in no further leaks, works to address the very tired façade were arranged. Works finished earlier this year to the entire façade which included 5 balcony refurbishments, repair of the water damaged undersides, repairs/replacement of the deteriorated timber window frames, render repairs, fascia covers installed at the rear, full exterior painting as well as repainting the internal common areas including stair handrails.

We took over management of a building in South Yarra where the fire service burst many years ago. Repairs had not been arranged. Upon taking over management it was determined the fire service required an upgrade. Appropriately qualified consultants were engaged, including a fire services engineer as well as a surveyor specialising in fire services. The works to upgrade the fire service were extensive and came at a considerable expense. 
These works were completed and this building now has a compliant fire service after being non-compliant for approximately 8 years.


The role of an owners corporation manager?

An owners corporation manager is appointed by the owners corporation to assist the owners corporation to carry out its functions, in managing and administering the common property. The manager ensures the owners corporation is fulfilling its obligations in regards to repairs and maintenance, collecting fees, maintaining insurance and keeping financial records.


Lot Liability and Lot Entitlement?

Every Owners Corporation has a plan of subdivision. The plan will set out the lot entitlement and lot liability schedule for each lot. The plan will also show the total lot entitlements and lot liability for all lots.

Lot liability represents the share of owners corporation expenses that each lot owner is required to pay. Fees and levies are raised in accordance with the lot liability schedule on the plan of subdivision.

Lot entitlement reflects the lot owners share of ownership of the common property. Lot entitlement also determines a lot owners voting rights at a general meeting or postal ballot.


What is common property?

Common property includes any parts of the land, buildings and airspace that are not part of a lot on the plan of subdivision. It may include gardens, hallways, driveways, stairs, walls, lifts, foyers and fences.

Common property areas are collectively owned by the lot owners.


Who makes the rules?

All owners corporations in Victoria have rules for the control, management, administration, use or enjoyment of the common property. Model rules are prescribed by the regulations and apply if there are no rules in place.

An owners corporation has the power to adopt special rules. Special rules are required to be lodged with Land Registry and are recorded on the plan of subdivision.



  • An owners corporation (formerly body corporate) with 13 or more lots must elect a committee at each annual general meeting.
  • A committee must have a minimum of three members and no more than 12 members.
  • Members of the committee must appoint a chairperson and secretary.
  • Members of the committee must be a lot owner or hold a proxy for a lot owner.
  • There must not be more than one member of the committee from any one lot.
  • Owners corporations with fewer than 13 lots may elect a committee if they choose to, but it is not mandatory.


Finch Property Management

We really like to get know people we deal with. We take time to listen or send detailed responses to a question. We are happy to take a bit of extra time to develop a good working relationship. We like that we make people feel comfortable enough that we can even have a chat and laugh about something other than the business.



  • Professionally trained & experienced management
  • Detailed member communication
  • Extensive onsite evaluation & inspection
  • Friendly & Personal staff


  • Focus on customer service
  • Provide rapid responses to any concern
  • Understanding and transparency
  • Provide detailed financial statements to committees throughout the year



  • Great relationships with reliable suppliers and tradespersons
  • Access to insurance brokerage
  • We work closely with committees
  • Access to professional legal services