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  • Establish and operate a separate bank account in the name of the Owners Corporation
  • Keep books of account covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation
  • Prepare annual financial statements of all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation (the annual accounts)
  • Comply as soon as practicable with any reasonable request made by the Owners Corporation to provide copies of statements for accounts containing money held by the manager on trust for the Owners Corporation for any period within 3 years immediately preceding the request
  • Issue notices for fees set and special fees levied by the Owners Corporation
  • Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporation (provided reasonable funds are held by the Owners Corporation)
  • Reconciliation of bank account


  • Arrange insurance or renewal
  • Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstatement and replacement of the building/s when requested by the Owners Corporation
  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers (max. 15 minutes)


  • Maintain roll of owners names and addresses
  • Issue all Owners Corporation certificates and answer reasonable enquiries at the cost of the applicant/enquirer
  • Deal with routine inwards and outward correspondence
  • Keep and supervise the use of the common seal
  • Keep the records of the Owners Corporation including accounting records, minutes, postal ballots, correspondence, rules, plans and details of work orders issued


  • Attend Annual General meetings
  • Convene, attend, submit a budget and financial statement and record minutes of the Annual General Meeting


  • Arrange for the repair and maintenance of common property


  • Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions in accordance with legislative requirements


  • Generally, implement the decision and instructions of the owners corporation with respect to fulfilling its duties and functions in accordance with legislative requirement


  • Professionally trained & experienced management
  • Detailed member communication
  • Extensive onsite evaluation & inspection
  • Friendly and Personal staff


  • Focus on customer service
  • Provide rapid responses to any concern
  • Understanding and transparency
  • Provide detailed financial statements to committees throughout the year


  • Great relationships with reliable suppliers & tradespersons
  • Access to insurance brokerage
  • We work closely with committees
  • Access to professional legal services